Washington University Medical Directorships

Washington University Medical Directorships

Barnes-Jewish Hospital (BJH)

Dr. Charles Eby, MD, Laboratory Medical Director

Clinical Laboratories and Medical Directors

  • Clinical chemistry – Drs. Ann Gronowski, PhD and Mitch Scott, PhD
  • Clinical Flow Cytometry – Dr. Friederike Kreisel, MD
  • Hematology – Drs. John Frater, MD and Ronald Jackups, MD, PhD
  • Hemostasis – Dr. Charles Eby, MD
  • Histocompatibility – Dr. Chang Liu, MD, PhD
  • Immunology/Serology – Dr. Ann Gronowski, PhD and Neil Anderson, MD
  • Microbiology – Dr. Carey-Ann Burnham, PhD, Neil Anderson, MD, and Melanie Yarbrough, PhD
  • Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory – Dr. Jacqueline Payton, MD and Wojciech Swat, PhD
  • Surgical Pathology – Dr. Jon Ritter, MD
  • Toxicology – Dr. John Turk, MD, PhD
  • Transfusion Medicine and Blood Bank Services – Dr. Brenda Grossman, MD, MPH

Saint Louis Children’s Hospital (SLCH)

Dennis Dietzen, PhD, Laboratory Medical Director

Clinical Laboratories and Medical Directors

  • Core Laboratory – Dr. Dennis Dietzen, PhD and Stephen Roper, PhD
  • Hematology – Dr. Ronald Jackups, M.D, PhD
  • Blood Bank ­­– Dr. Ronald Jackups, MD, PhD
  • Anatomic Pathology – Dr. Mai (Mike) He, MD, PhD

Regional labs directed by departmental faculty

Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital (BJWCH)

  • Suzanne Thibodeaux, M.D., Ph.D., Laboratory Medical Director
  • Dr. Frances White, M.D., Chief of Pathology

Shriners Hospital St. Louis

  • Dr. Charles Eby, M.D., Laboratory Medical Director

Southeast Health – Cape Girardeau

  • George R. Wettach, MD, FASCP, FCAP, Chief of Pathology, SoutheastHEALTH

Memorial Hospital – Belleville

  • David J. Eisenstein, MD, Medical Director of Laboratories, Memorial Hospital in Belleville, IL and Memorial East Hospital in Shiloh, IL