About the Pathology Faculty Mentoring Program

The overall goal of the Pathology Faculty Mentoring Program is the successful career development and progression of all faculty. The OFD can assist you in creating a supportive mentoring committee to provide objective advice, facilitate networking and career development opportunities, and serve as sponsors and advocates. The Guidelines for the Faculty Mentoring Program describe this process. Below is an overview.

Communication between you, your Division Chief and the OFD is essential to the success of your mentoring program. If you have questions, please contact Janet Braun or Mark Watson.

Overview of Mentoring Program

  • We recommend that Mentoring Committees meet annually for junior faculty. Mentoring Committees are also available for Associate Professors who seek additional career guidance
  • Pre – Meeting: The Meeting Discussion Guide  can serve as a guide/agenda for the meeting. The mentee should send this guide or a similar agenda, their WUSM CV/CEP, and their most recent Annual Review form and the previous year’s Annual Review letter from the Division Chief (if available) to committee members one week prior to the meeting.
  • Post – Meeting: The Mentoring Committee Chair is asked to provide to OFD a brief synopsis of the meeting and may use this summary template.
  • WUSM CV Resources
    WUSM CV Format
    WU Profile System (WUPS)

Reading Material

For Mentor Committee Chairs

After the meeting with the mentee, the meeting summary form should be completed and sent to the OFD at janetbraun@wustl.edu.

Conflict Resolution


Giving & Receiving Feedback


  • “Thanks for the Feedback: The Science & Art of Receiving Feedback Well.” Douglas Stone & Sheila Heen
  • “Feedback & Other Dirty Words: Why we fear it, how to fix it.” M. Tamra Chandler
  • “How to give effective feedback to your students.” Susan Brookhart
  • “Feedback fundamentals & evidence-based best practices: Give it, ask for it, use it.” Brodie Gregory Riordan
  • “Let’s Talk: Make effective feedback your superpower.” Therese Huston



  • Effective Mentorship: Consultant, Counselor, Cheerleader: November 2020 Slides