The overarching goals of this Office were initially defined by our faculty during the development of the department’s strategic plan under the leadership of our Chairman.

  • Provide administrative support for our educational programs, including the development and use of shared resources;
  • Interact with the Office of Faculty Development to evaluate, promote, and reward faculty contributions to the educational missions;
  • Enhance trainee evaluation and mentorship;
  • Identify gaps and barriers in current educational programs and promote continuous quality improvement and best educational practices;
  • Promote departmental and institutional visibility of our educational programs; and
  • Develop and encourage interdivisional educational endeavors and activities.

Please work with me to achieve our shared vision of excellence across the entire spectrum of our educational programs.

Erika Crouch MD, PhD
Vice Chair for Education

Staff Directory
Justavian D. Tillman, EdD

Justavian D. Tillman, EdD

Senior Manager, Medical Education Programs

Sharon Aubuschon

Sharon Aubuschon

Senior Residency Program Coordinator

Provides support for:
Residency Programs

Jeannie Doerr

Jeannie Doerr

Administrative Professional

Maria Turnbough

Maria Turnbough

Coordinator, Education
Undergraduate Medical Education Coordinator

Office History

The Office of Education was established in May of 2020 by the Chairman of the Department of Pathology and Immunology, Dr. Richard Cote. It was one of many outcomes of the department’s 2019 Retreat and the associated development of the Pathology and Immunology Strategic Plan.

Among many other recommendations, the Education Subgroup for the Retreat recommended elevation of the educational mission and the coordination of educational activities across the department. The Strategic Plan for Education was accepted by the Chairman, and ultimately led to the appointment of Dr. Erika Crouch as the inaugural Vice Chair for Education.

Consistent with the plan, Dr. Crouch established the Education Leadership Steering Committee (ELSC) as a standing faculty committee of the Office of Education.

Steering Committee

The Office’s educational programs are guided by the Educational Leadership Steering Committee (ELSC). The ELSC is constituted by the residency program and physician scientist training program directors; selected faculty members involved with administering the department’s clinical fellowships and medical school curriculum, and at least three departmental representatives of the WUSM Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences. Individual members may serve more than one role. The ELSC is advised by selected trainees, departmental and hospital administrators, program coordinators, and support staff.

Neil Anderson, MD
Residency Program Director

Samuel Ballentine, MD
Co-Associate Residency Program Director

Erika Crouch, MD, PhD
Gateway Curriculum Design and Build Teams
Gateway Curriculum Co-Lead Phase 1 Module 2
Gateway Curriculum Pathology Thread Leader
Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences

Gautam Dantas, PhD
Graduate Program Co-Director
Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences

Brian Edelson, MD, PhD
Gateway Curriculum, Phase 1 and Phase 2 Build Teams
Gateway Curriculum Co-Lead Phase 1 Module 2
Gateway Curriculum Immunology Thread Leader
Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences

Ian Hagemann, MD, PhD
Sub-Specialty Fellowship Program Director
Gateway Curriculum Phase 1 and Phase 2 Build Teams
Gateway Curriculum Genetics Thread Leader

Julie Neidich, MD
Sub-specialty Fellowship Program Director

Jacqueline Payton, MD, PhD
Physician Scientist Training Program Director
Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences

Gwen Randolph, PhD
Graduate Program Co-Director
Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences

Suzanne Thibodeaux, MD, PhD
Co-Associate Residency Program Director

Justavian Tillman, EdD
Senior Manager, Educational Programs

ELSC Trainee Liaison – TBD

Office of Education, Washington University School of Medicine
Graduate Medical Education Consortium

Provides oversight to clinical training programs while continually
improving learning and supporting thoughtful patient care. Explore the consortium’s programs here.

Skill Development for Educators
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
    Presented by Dr. Sarah Bean, MD, Duke University School of Medicine, Pathology
    Grand Rounds Recording Presented October 29, 2020
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