Since its inception in 1910, our department has demonstrated combined excellence in research, training and clinical service. Our conviction that basic science research leads to exceptional training and high-quality clinical service has made our department a vital bridge between the basic sciences and other clinical disciplines at Washington University. We are an ever-evolving group of scholars dedicated to human pathobiology and the care of those afflicted with disease.


The Department of Pathology & Immunology has four divisions:

Pioneers in pathology and laboratory medicine

In addition to a century-long focus on the relationship between the basic science of immunology and disease, the department is one of the major centers for academic pathology and laboratory medicine in the nation. Its divisions have played major and pioneering roles in surgical pathology and laboratory medicine.

Our faculty enthusiastically embraces its responsibility to train the next generation of medical scientists and clinicians. We offer contemporary and comprehensive training programs for graduate students, postgraduate trainees, and medical students. Exceptional resources combine with carefully crafted curricula to prepare our trainees to succeed, whether in the competitive world of academic medicine, in cutting-edge basic research or in demanding clinical sub-specialties.

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