The Department of Pathology & Immunology has played critical roles in undergraduate medical education for many years. Our faculty organized and taught the first year Immunology Course in our legacy curriculum. It also organized and taught the year-long Pathology Course, which anchored much of the second year legacy curriculum. Our commitment and success in these areas was demonstrated by numerous teaching awards over the span of a few decades.

Our faculty has also played key roles in all phases of the design, build, and implementation of the new Gateway Curriculum.  In particular, it leads Phase 1, Module 2 Defense and Response to Injury, which provides the foundation in mechanisms of disease before the ensuing organ-system based modules. Our faculty currently provides instruction in all seven Phase 1 Modules, as well as certain rotations and other courses in Phases 2 and 3.

A key element of the curriculum is horizontal and helical integration of foundational content throughout the four year program. Central to this are curricular threads that span all three phases. We currently hold the leadership positions for Histology and Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, and Genetics/Molecular Genetics.

In addition, the department continues to provide elective clinical rotations for senior medical students: Senior Electives. Lastly, we are pleased to acknowledge that the department has been approved for a competency-contributing Advanced Clinical Rotation (subinternship) in Anatomic Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

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