Logging in

Use your email address and password to login. If you forgot your password, use the “Forgot your login information?” link. Then check your email for a temporary password.

Navigating the Wupax system

Please see the following description of each button.


  • Pending Cases – List of all the cases that have been started, but not yet submitted. Start new request here.
  • Submitted Cases – Lists all cases that have been submitted for review.
  • Signed Out Cases – Lists all cases that have been signed out via Wupax. This is where you will find the results of a submitted case.
  • Reports – Use this button to run reports on Turnaround time, Requests, Totals, & Average Turnaround times.
  • Support – This button shows the Delivery Location for drop off. And also shows the phone numbers for notifications, IT support, and the Off-Hour Pager. Logout – This button logs you out of the Wupax system.

Creating a case

  1. To create a case, click on the button, on the New Requests button on the “Pending Requests” page.
  2. On the next screen; enter the Specimen ID (Unos #), Clinician, Part Type. Then find the Next button.
    If you will have both a Liver & Kidney from the same Unos #, you will have to create a separate case for each part type. Select the same Unos # from the dropdown, and the Clinical Information will auto-populate.
  3. To ensure the reviewing pathologist can contact you if need be, be sure to select your name, and enter your contact information in the specified fields.
  4. To upload slides or attachments (PDF’s), click the Manage Slides or Manage Attachments button.
    1. Slide upload:
      • Add the files to the upload window, then start the upload. After the files have been uploaded (100%) click the refresh button. When the thumbnails load, enter the Slide description, Part type, and Slide type into the specified fields. You can remove a slide by clicking the “X” on the far right of the window. When the correct info has been entered, click the “Update” button.
    2. Attachment upload:
      • Add the attachments by clicking the “Add Files” button, then starting the upload. DO NOT CLOSE WINDOW UNTIL UPLOAD HAS COMPLETED.

  5. While the slides/attachments are uploading, start to enter the Past Medical History and Specimen details.
  6. When the upload has completed, verify the information is correct and click Save to save the case for later submission or Submit to submit the case immediately.

Case Returned by Pathologist

1. If a case has been returned, you will find it in the “Pending Cases” list. The status will be “Returned”.
2. To see the comments about why the case was returned, open the “Manage Slides” window and the comments will be under the slide comments section.
3. For questions about the returned case, please contact the reviewing Pathologist if possible.

Manage Slide Window

  • Open the manage slides window, and upload the relevant slides.
  • Once the upload has completed, click the refresh button to enter the slide information.
  • Enter the relevant information for that slide. ANY INFORMATION IN THESE FIELDS IS EXCLUSIVE TO EACH SLIDE.
  • Enter the Part Description for each slide.
  • After all slide information has been entered. Click Update. Then close the window.

Submitting the Case

  • Continue entering the case information as usual. Click Submit when finished.
  • The information that was entered in the Manage Slides window will be displayed under each of the slides for the pathologist to easily identify.


There is a support tab located in the Navigation bar. This page will provide additional info on who to contact, where to drop off the specimen, etc. Technical Support is available 24/7. Please email copathsupport@path.wustl.edu (6:30 am-5: 00 pm) or call our Off-Hour Pager (5:00 pm to 6:30 am) at 314-360-2311 and leave a call-back number for us to reach you.