1. Login to WUPAX (wupax.wustl.edu)
  2. Click on the “Cases” button, and select the “Signed out” queue.
  3. Find the case you are going to amend. (the Search box in the top right.)
  4. Click the Green Arrow button, and select “Open Digital Intraoperative”
    1. Save this document as “Previous_Intraoperative_RequestID”, because you are going to re-upload it.
  5. After saving, click the Green arrow button, and select “Upload Attachment”
    1. Upload the previous report, after completed click the Refresh button to verify upload then click back.
  6. After uploading the previous report, click the Green Arrow and select “Add Corrections”
  7. That case has now been moved to the “Submitted” queue. (Click “Cases”, & select “Submitted”)
  8. Open the case by clicking on the Request ID.
  9. In the Intraoperative Diagnosis field, at the very bottom of the page, paste below text in that field.

    ***Amended Report – Reason for Amendment***


    The previous final diagnosis has been reported as follows:

    1. Internal Related – Make all changes on the Internal page
      1. Diagnosis Change
      2. Diagnosis Typo
      3. Results Change
    2. Client Related – Click the Return to Client button
      1. This would include an incorrect DOB, UNOS#, Medical History, Gross Description, Donor Type, Part Type, Order Type, Date/Time fields, Clinician, etc.
      2. Click the Maintenance button and select Users
        1. Find yourself and switch your institution to the related case
      3. In the Maintenance button dropdown select “switch to client”
      4. The case that has been corrected will appear in the Cases
  10. Verify that the changes have been made correctly, then notify the parties that the changes have been made.