When accessioning the case the intraoperative (WUPAX signout) must be included in CoPath.

  1. Add the WUPAX number to the Dr. Chart number field
  2. Add the intraoperative pathologist
  3. Log onto WUPAX.wustl.edu (use your normal wupath username and password)
  4. Click on signed out cases and find the case. The pathologist signout pathologist will be listed
  5. In the Copath accession window click on the staff tab. Add the WUPAX signout pathologist as the intraoperative pathologist
  1. Add the intraoperative diagnosis
  2. In WUPAX click on the case number
  3. Scroll down to the intraoperative Diagnosis field
  4. Highlight the text and copy
  5. In CoPath accessioning window click on the text tab
  6. Click on the intraoperative field
  7. Paste in the text
  1. Permanent reports uploaded into WUPAX by clinical support team
  2. In Copath print the final report to PDF
  3. In Copath Search for the case then click on Print report – Print – Print to Abode PDF
  4. Log into WUPAX (WUPAX.wustl.edu)
  5. Go to the signout cases and find the case in the list
  6. Go to the far right green drop and click the arrow
  7. Choose upload final permanent report, a new window
  1. Click on Add Files and navigate to that file to attach it. (this should be the same as attaching a file to email
  2. After the file is attached you must click start upload
  3. When the upload is completed click the blue refresh button and it should show up in the window as the Final Permanent Report