1.  Have the client make sure the image is not in use elsewhere. (image viewer, scanner, 2nd upload page, file browser, etc.)
  2. Check the Temp folder \\pathdsr\images\Digipath\Temp for partially uploaded images. Empty the folder
  3. Images may have been “deleted”. Have them rename the image and re-upload.
  4. If they still are not uploading, restart services by following steps below.
    1. Open RoyalTS
    2. Open SP-Aperio, to restart the ImageServer services
    3. On the taskbar, right-click on the Aperio logo, and select “Restart All”
      1. This can take a few minutes, even after the “Restarted Services” blip appears.
    4. Try to reopen the images
  5. If images are still not loading, make sure the WUPATHDMC account has read/write permissions on the UIUploader folder. \\pathdsr\images\uiuploader\digipath\
  6.  An error may have occurred during the upload.
    1. To check for image error, browse to this link \\pathdsr\images\uiuploader\digipath\
    2. Sort the folder by date
      1. This folder is organized by Patient, each patient will have a subfolder for each of their cases.
      2. Open the most recent, and look for the ailing case.
      3. Remove/Rename the Images in this CASE folder, and have the user try re-uploading the images. (you may have to Return the Case to Client)