Faculty Supervisor: Robert Schreiber, PhD
Core Director: J. Michael White

Phone: 314-362-1182 | 314-747-3267 (Injection Lab)
Email: white@wustl.edu



The Transgenic, Knockout and Micro-Injection Core offers a wide array of mouse embryo manipulation techniques. We provide investigators a resource to generate mutant mouse models through a variety of techniques, cryopreserve mouse lines, cryopreservation/storage of mouse sperm, perform embryo rederivation, thaw embryos and perform IVF.  C57BL/6 inbred is our standard strain for both pronuclear and ES micro-injection, we also offer Albino B6 host embryos for injection of B6 ES cell lines such as those from KOMP, EUCOMM TIGM and other cell suppliers.  Hybrids and additional inbred strains may be used for transgenic production.  We thaw/reconstitute embryos from many different sources and perform IVF.


Service available to: All entities, including for-profit organizations.

Priority service given to: Washington University


  • Inbred (or hybrid) transgenic production – C57Bl/6 is standard strain, others possible; contact Core Director for more information.
  • ES cell micro-injection – For knock out/knock in production. Targeted ES cells provided by individual labs or through the cancer center, etc.
  • RAG 2 complementation – ES cells injected into RAG 2 knock out blastocysts to complement the RAG 2 phenotype for study of T and B cells within a live animal derived from your mutant ES cells.
  • Tetraploid embryo complementation – ES cells aggregated with or injected into tetraploid embryos. Produces embryos or live mice that are completely ES cell derived.
  • Embryo cryo-preservation
  • Embryo re-derivation – Cleans up lines infected with various parasites or pathogens.
  • ES cell culture/derivation- assisted in your laboratory (available, time permitting)
  • MEF production – assisted in your laboratory (available, time permitting)
  • Technical/Strategy/Targeting/Breeding/Tracking consult (available, time permitting)


For pricing and scheduling information or other questions, please contact the core director at white@wustl.edu.