Electron Microscopy Facility

Faculty Director: Robert Schmidt
Technical Director: Karen Green

Phone: 314-362-7462
Email: kareng@wustl.edu

Location: West Building, Room 4715


The Electron Microscopy Facility (CAP/CLIA certified) provides a variety of electron microscopy services for clinical and research use. These include tissue processing and embedding, preparation of one micron thick toluidine blue stained sections and routine transmission electron microscopy for cell culture and tissue specimens.

Both the JEOL 1200EX and JEOL JEM1400 electron microscopes in the facility have high resolution CCD based cameras for high quality digital imaging. The clinical digital images of renal biopsies are collected and uploaded into password protected online clinical reports. Research images will be available for downloading by individual investigators as part of a password protected online system.


Service available to: All entities, including for-profit organization

Priority service given to: Members of the Diabetes Research and Training Center and to members of the Department of Pathology & Immunology.

Request services

Contact Robert Schmidt or Karen Green via email or phone. Investigators are strongly encouraged to discuss their experimental design and individual needs in advance of harvesting tissue/cultured cells from an experiment in order to optimize methods of analysis.

Services and pricing

Routine electron microscopic service

Dept. of Pathology – $318, Non-dept – $384, DRTC – $276

  • processing and embedding (maximum of 6 blocks)
  • cutting 1 micron thick plastic sections stained with toluidine blue
  • cutting of thin sections on standard 200 mesh grids
  • post-staining in uranyl acetate and lead citrate
  • consultation

*Price per specimen (specimen = 1 vial/tube of tissue)

Tissue culture (monolayer) specimen preparation

Dept. Of Pathology – $367, Non-dept – $443, DRTC – $318

  • includes routine procedures
  • additional specimen preparation time
  • additional cutting time

Special specimen preparation in addition to routine preparation

  • Extra processing from paraffin embedded tissue – Dept. Of Pathology – $98, Non-dept – $118, DRTC – $85
  • Block only (processing and embedding only, per specimen) – Dept. Of Pathology – $98, Non-dept – $118, DRTC – $85
  • Embedding and thick sections only – Dept. Of Pathology – $220, Non-dept – $266, DRTC – $191
  • Negative staining – Dept. Of Pathology – $122, Non-dept – $148, DRTC – $106
  • Routine EM of previously embedded material – Dept. Of Pathology – $220, Non-dept – $266, DRTC – $191
  • Technical time – Dept. Of Pathology – $65/hour, Non-dept – $65/hour, DRTC – $55/hour

Scope time

$65.00/hour for all users


  • JEOL 1200EX transmission electron microscope
  • High resolution CCD based camera for digital imaging
  • JEOL JEM1400 transmission electron microscope
  • high resolution CCD based camera for digital imaging