Director: Julie Neidich, MD
Lab Manager: Jane Bauer, BS, CG(ASCP)

Phone: 314-362-7819

Location: Cortex Building, Room 209

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The Cytogenetics Core provides a comprehensive menu of cytogenetic tests for human and mouse tissues (for example mouse embryonic stem cells, cancer cell lines, skin, peripheral blood, buccal cells, bone marrow etc).

The core also provides consultancy on designing projects involving karyotyping, custom FISH probe design, analyses of data from chromosomal microarrays. We also help in performing high resolution genomic scans that provide insight into regions of the genome that are pathogenic in various neoplasms, leading to an understanding of the molecular pathways that play a role in the biology of cancer. We offer consultation and support for clinical trials/studies for which CAP/CLIA certification is needed.


Service available to: All entities, including for-profit organization


Services are available for human and mouse tissues.

  • Chromosome analysis (karyotyping)
  • Tissue culture
  • FISH analysis
  • Chromosomal Microarray Analysis


  • 10 Olympus BX51, 5 Ziess light microscopes, 3 Olympus and 1 Ziess fluorescent microscopes (FISH), 3 Nikon inverted microscopes and 2 Nikon dissection microscopes
  • 17 Cytovision imaging workstations, 4 of which are FISH and 1 is an automated GSL-120 scanner
  • Hanabi 2 automated harvester
  • 1 Bio Rad PCR machine
  • Miltenyi cell separater
  • 3 Thermobrite FISH hybridization units
  • 1 dual chamber and 1 single chamber Thermo CO2 incubator, 1 single chamber Fisher CO2 incubator and 2 dual chamber NuAire CO2 incubators
  • Slide drying chamber in a high humidity cytogenetics slide making room