For these studies patient slides or blocks of tissue are sent to an outside reference lab for testing to determine whether a patient is eligible to participate in a non-WU clinical trial. The Lab performs processing and embedding of a tissue biopsy and/or prepares stained or unstained sections for the approved central laboratory.

Before submitting specimens, new requestors must establish an account by contacting the Lab Manager. The requestor will provide required contact and billing information and be provided with an appropriate username and password. At present, the majority of submissions are handled by the Clinical Research Specialist in the Division of Medical Oncology.

The WebPortal based system is efficient and well tested with a robust FAQ on this web site. The WebPortal provides automatic email notifications of received and completed orders and permits online tracking of status.

  1. Submitting the order: The study coordinator/requestor for the requesting department submits orders via the WebPortal. Specific details like fixation time, number of slides required, etc. are provided in the order form.
  2. Delivery of Specimens: The specimen and a copy of the online order form are delivered to Room 4715 by the study coordinator and placed in the appropriate “drop-off” bin.
  3. Receiving Specimens: The specimen is received and accessioned by the Lab Services Coordinator (LSC) into Webportal-based tracking system.
  4. Order Completion: After completion of the required services the order is signed-out in Webportal by the LSC and an email is automatically sent to the study coordinator.
  5. Pickup: The requested materials are picked up from Room 4715 by the study coordinator or designee.
  6. Billing: Billings are submitted to the Pathology Business office via the Webportal.