Residents collaborate in the resident room at the BJC Institute of Health on January 16, 2019. MATT MILLER/WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE

The Department of Pathology & Immunology and its motivated faculty provide outstanding opportunities for graduate and post-graduate training and play key roles in undergraduate medical education.


Physician Scientist Training Program

Pathology is one of the most diverse specialties in medicine. It incorporates a number of highly individualized and apparently separate disciplines. The Department provides residency training for physicians who wish to specialize in anatomic pathology or clinical pathology (laboratory medicine), or for those who wish to pursue combined training in anatomic and clinical pathology (AP/CP). It also provides fellowship training in diverse clinical subspecialties.

Exceptional opportunities for basic, clinical and translational research are available for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. The Department is the center for the Graduate Program in Immunology within the Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences. Graduate students can pursue research with any faculty member of the Department, and interdepartmental interactions are encouraged.

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