“I chose WashU for my pathology training because I was amazed by the great people and great facilities I saw while interviewing here. The breadth and complexity of cases, the influential (yet humble) faculty, and a talented group of residents make this a top place to train (both AP and CP!). St. Louis is a vibrant city that is fun, affordable, and safe for families. Having WashU on your resume will open many doors due to extensive connections, and its reputation for producing skilled pathologists who can work hard.”

Nicholas Gau, MD, Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine Fellow

“I chose WashU for several reasons. We have some of the most amazing pathologists here, so I knew I would be learning from the best. Also, the caseload is high – which is something I wanted, as I am confident I’ll see a broad spectrum of cases – from bread-and-butter diagnoses to really rare tumors. Additionally, as a physician-scientist track resident, I have the amazing opportunity to choose from an overwhelmingly large number of established laboratories but also smaller, more clinically-oriented projects are always supported by our faculty. There has been no single day that I was unhappy with my choice.”

Carina Dehner, MD, PhD, AP PSTP Resident

“I couldn’t be happier to have chosen WashU to pursue my training in pathology. With every new chapter in life comes its challenges and residency is not an exception to this. However, I can safely say that we have one of the warmest and kindest support staff, co-trainees and faculty members than you could probably find at any program; the WashU family! Doing my training here has allowed me to get involved in multiple research projects ranging from collaborative work with other subspecialties and original translational and clinical projects. Our department does a superb job in encouraging such endeavors, as evident by the diverse funding opportunities available to pursue your ideas and projects. Even if you are not research-oriented I would highly recommend coming here for your training. The case volume and variety, and our energetic faculty allows for a well-rounded training fit for today’s high demands.”

Ivan Gonzalez, MD, AP/CP Resident

“I love how enthusiastic the faculty are about pathology and teaching. Under their guidance, I’ve learned so much over the past few years, both at the grossing bench and at the microscope. Our unknown sessions provide examples of both common and rare entities, and our didactic sessions (with lunch!) help round out our education. I’ve also found a number of mentors here that have been helpful in terms of supporting research projects, providing career advice, and serving as role models.”

Lulu Sun, MD, PhD, AP Resident