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Trainee Research Award Day 2020

On Tuesday, the culmination of weeks of work for this year’s Trainee Research Day was put on full display via Zoom. Although different than past events, this year still had the air of excitement as trainees presented their research. This year, the department had 24 individuals present.

As per the tradition, the Trainee Research Day committee had a scoring process to select the best presentations. Talks were scored based on study design, clinical relevance, as well as clarity of data and presentation. The scores averaged across the 6 committee members were used to decide on the final winner for each category. The winners for TRD 2020 are listed below. Although the committee could only select one winner for each category, the margins of ranking were extremely close and are evidence of the overall high-quality work presented this year. 

Winners of TRD 2020:
AP Oral – Rehan Rais
CP Oral – Kaitlin Mitchell
AP Lightning – Chris O’Conor
CP Lightning – Eric Ransom

Please join us in congratulating the winners and all speakers who presented this year!