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Testing For Insulin, C-Peptide and DHEAS To Be Performed at Barnes Jewish Hospital

Effective May 1st, Insulin and C-peptide and Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS) (effective May 1st) will no longer be sent to Mayo Laboratories. This testing will be performed internally using the Roche Cobas instrumentation, allowing for improved turnaround times. Reference intervals for insulin and C-peptide will be the same as Mayo laboratories (Insulin 2.6-25 mcU/mL; C-peptide 1.1-4.4 ng/mL) as they also use the Roche Cobas method. Reference intervals for DHEAS are age and sex dependent and will be different from Mayo Laboratories, and can be found at http://bjhlab.testcatalog.org/ when it goes live.

If you have questions, please contact Jennifer Hayes at 314-362-5009 or contact the chemistry laboratory medicine resident/fellow at beeper 747-1320, opt. 2.

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