The Department of Pathology and Immunology, Office of Faculty Development (OFD) is seeking to renew and/or recruit new representatives to work with OFD in supporting the goals and core values of the office. OFD Representatives will continue to work on specific programming initiatives or content areas and will enhance representation and diversity of the OFD across the divisions and career pathways of the department. 

Faculty at all ranks and in all tracks are eligible to serve as OFD Representatives.  Existing representatives are invited to reapply.  Faculty who have not previously participated in this important effort, which does not involve an extensive time commitment, are especially encouraged to apply.  Representative participation involves a 45 min., monthly meeting of all representatives, in addition to other organizational and development efforts that are prioritized by OFD representatives.  This is an excellent opportunity for leadership experience and to be more involved in your department. 

Past areas of OFD focus include:

Onboarding/New Faculty-  Supporting OFD initiatives to welcome and orient new faculty members to our department.

Junior Faculty  – Focusing on issues and initiatives relevant to junior faculty career development, promotion, and well-being.

Mid-Career Faculty- Focusing on unique issues and initiatives particularly relevant to faculty at their mid-career development.

Diversity and Inclusion-  Focusing on promoting departmental initiatives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion among faculty.

Faculty Engagement & Events – Developing and organizing career-focused and social faculty events sponsored by OFD.

Translational Research- Identifying and developing opportunities for new, intradepartmental research activities to promote faculty career development.

If you are interested in participating, please notify Mark Watson by January 12, 2024 using the submission form below which includes the request for a brief statement describing your interest in and goals for the position.

OFD Representative Candidates