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Grants & Notables – November and December

$60,000 in grants awarded to faculty in Pathology & Immunology

Rafa Sanguinetti Czepielewski, PhD, Postdoc Research Associate in the Randolph Lab, received a one-year $60,000 grant from the Lawrence C. Pakula, MD IBD Education, and Innovation Fund, entitled “Role of Mesenteric Tertiary Lymphoid Organs in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Progression and Anti-TNF Resistance”.

Jack H. Ladenson, PhD, Oree M. Carroll and Lillian B. Ladenson Professor of Clinical Chemistry in Pathology and Immunology, was elected fellow of the National Academy of Inventors. https://source.wustl.edu/2020/01/washington-university-in-st-louis-nai-fellows-2020/