Grand Rounds are held in BJ-IOH 4506 from noon-1 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Date Presenter Title
8/29/19 Christopher O’Conor, MD/PhD PGY-4 AP/CP Resident
Chief Resident, Clinical Pathology
9/5/19 Aidas Mattis, MD/PhD PGY-4 AP/CP Resident
Chief Resident, Resident Engagement and Recruitment
9/19/19 Richard Cote, MD Professor and Chair, Department of Pathology and Immunology
9/26/19 Alexander McAdam, MD/PhD Director, Infectious Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, Boston Children’s Hospital
Associate Director of Pathology, Harvard Medical School
10/3/19 Kilannin Krysiak, PhD Fellow, Laboratory Genetics and Genomics
10/10/19 Huifang Zhou, MD/PhD PGY-4 AP/CP Resident
10/17/19 PSTP Applicant Presentation
10/24/19 PSTP Applicant Presentation
10/31/19 Wojciech Swat, PhD, MSc, FACMG, DABMGG Associate Professor, Pathology & Immunology
11/7/19 PSTP Applicant Presentation
11/14/19 Jacqueline Payton MD/PhD Assistant Professor, Pathology & Immunology
11/21/19 PSTP Applicant Presentation
12/5/19 PSTP Applicant Presentation
12/12/19 PSTP Applicant Presentation
12/19/19 PSTP Applicant Presentation
1/9/20 Mark Watson, MD, PhD Associate Professor, Pathology & Immunology
1/16/20 Jennifer Woyach, MD Associate Professor, Internal Medicine, The Ohio State University
1/23/20 Lily Zhang, MD PGY-3 AP/CP Resident
1/30/20 Pampee Young, MD/PhD Chief Medical Officer, American Red Cross
Professor, Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology, Vanderbilt University
2/6/20 Kaitlin Mitchell, PhD Fellow, Medical & Public Health Microbiology
2/13/20 Zahra Alipour, MD PGY-3 AP/CP Resident
2/20/19 Neda Rezaee, MD PGY-3 AP/CP Resident
2/27/20 Drew Hughes, MD/PhD PGY-1 CP Resident
3/5/20 Chris Suciu, MD Fellow, Clinical Informatics
3/12/20 Khosrow Adeli, PhD Division Head, Clinical Biochemistry, Hospital for Sick Children
Professor, Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine & Pathology, University of Toronto
3/19/20 Ray Zhang, MD/PhD Fellow, Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine
3/26/20 Heba Abdelal, MD PGY-3 AP/CP Resident
4/2/20 Eric Ransom, PhD Fellow, Medical & Public Health Microbiology
4/9/20 Sarah Bean, MD Associate Professor, Pathology, Duke University
4/16/20 Nicholas Gau, MD Fellow, Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine
4/23/20 P’ng Loke, PhD Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology, New York University
4/30/20 Behzad Salari, MD PGY-3 AP/CP Resident
5/7/20 Brooj Abro, MD PGY-3 AP/CP Resident
5/14/20 Lisandro Fortuny, MD PGY-1 CP Resident
5/21/20 ACLPS Practice Talks
6/4/20 Mei San Tang, MD PGY-2 CP Resident
6/18/20 Caroline Franks, PhD Fellow, Clinical Chemistry