Umang Jain, PhD

Umang Jain, PhD

Assistant Professor, Pathology & Immunology


  • Anatomic & Molecular Pathology


  • BS & MS: Manipal University India PhD: Dalhousie University, Canada


  • Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS) Lawrence C. Pakula
  • MD IBD Innovation Fund Award Boehringer Ingelheim Transition Grant Boehringer Ingelheim Strategic Hub for Innovative New Drug Concept Exploration fellowship (SHINE)
  • Izaak Walton Killam Graduate Student Scholarship

Research Interests

I am interested in studying the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which commensal fungi modulate mucosal healing in GI diseases with a goal to develop better biomarkers and therapeutic approaches.

Selected Publications

Jain U, Ver Heul AM, Xiong S, Gregory MH, Demers EG, Kern JT, Lai CW, Muegge BD, Barisas DAG, Leal-Ekman JS, Deepak P, Ciorba MA, Liu TC, Hogan DA, Debbas P, Braun J, McGovern DPB, Underhill DM, Stappenbeck TS (2021). Debaryomyces is enriched in Crohn’s disease intestinal tissue and impairs healing in mice. Science, Mar 12; 371(6534):1154-1159.
Liu TC, Kern JT, Jain U, Sonnek NM, Xiong S, Simpson KF, VanDussen KL, Winkler ES, Haritunians T, Malique A, Lu Q, Sasaki Y, Storer CE, Diamond MS, Head RD, McGovern DPB, Stappenbeck TS (2021). Western diet induces Paneth cell defects through Farnesoid X receptor and type I interferon. Cell Host Microbe, May12; S1931-3128(21)00180-3.
Jain U, Lai CW, Xiong S, Goodwin VM, Lu Q, Muegge BD, Christophi GP, VanDussen KL, Cummings BP, Young E, Hambor J and Stappenbeck TS (2018). Temporal regulation of the bacterial metabolite deoxycholate during colonic repair is critical for crypt regeneration. Cell Host Microbe, Sep 12: 24(3):353-363.e5.
Kaiko GE, Chen F, Lai CW, Chiang IL, Perrigoue J, Stojmirović A, Li K, Muegge BD, Jain U, VanDussen KL, Goggins BJ, Keely S, Weaver J, Foster PS, Lawrence DA, Liu TC, Stappenbeck TS (2019). PAI-1 augments mucosal damage in colitis. Sci Transl Med. 2019 Mar 6;11(482).
Steed AL, Christophi GP, Kaiko GE, Sun L, Goodwin VM, Jain U, Esaulova E, Artyomov MN, Morales DJ, Holtzman MJ, Boon ACM, Lenschow DJ, Stappenbeck TS (2017). The microbial metabolite desaminotyrosine protects from influenza through type I interferon. Science Aug 4; 357(6350): 498-502.
Runte CS, Jain U, Getz LJ, Secord S, Kuwae A, Abe A, LeBlanc JJ, Stadnyk AW, Kaper JB, Hansen AM, Thomas NA (2018). Tandem tyrosine phosphosites in the enteropathogenic Escherichia coli chaperone CesT are required for differential type III effector translocation and virulence. Mol Microbiol Mar 6; doi: 10.1111/mmi.13948.
Jain U, Woodruff TM and Stadnyk AW (2013). The C5a receptor antagonist PMX205 ameliorates experimentally induced colitis associated with increased IL-4 and IL-10. Br J Pharmacol Jan; 168(2): 488-501. 
Jain U, Otley AR, Limbergen JV and Stadnyk AW (2014). The complement system in inflammatory bowel disease. Inflamm Bowel Dis Sep; 20(9): 1628-37.
Jain U, Cao Q, Thomas NA, Woodruff TM, Schwaeble WJ, Stover CM and Stadnyk AW (2015). Properdin provides protection from Citrobacter rodentium induced intestinal inflammation in a C5a/IL-6 dependent manner. J. Immunol Apr 1; 194(7): 3414-21.
Jain U, Midgen CA, Schwaeble WJ, Stover CM and Stadnyk AW (2015). Properdin regulation of complement activation affects colitis in interleukin 10-gene deficient mice. Inflamm Bowel Dis Jul; 21(7):1519-28.

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