Dr. Nicholas Borcherding receives ASCI 2023 Emerging Generation Award

Nicholas Borcherding, MD, PhD, resident in Clinical Pathology and a member of the Physician Science Training Program (PSTP) in the Department of Pathology & Immunology at Washington University School of Medicine, recently received a 2023 Emerging Generation Award from The American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI). The award recognizes post-MD, pre-faculty appointment physician-scientists who are meaningfully engaged in immersive research. An Emerging Generation Award gives selected individuals access to the ASCI Joint Meeting and longitudinal programming over a two-year period, the organization said on its website.

Dr. Borcherding’s clinical efforts include developing and modulating the tumor microenvironment. More broadly, he is interested in the interface of computational immunology and cancer biology, taking research from the processor to the patient. Dr. Borcherding’s research goal is to extend the ability to track intercellular mitochondria by leveraging single-cell sequencing modalities, moving beyond fluorescent tags, and opening the field to wider investigations of human pathophysiology and possible therapeutic manipulation.

Currently, Dr. Borcherding is a member of the Brestoff Lab in the Department of Pathology of Washington University School of Medicine, and the DeNardo Lab in the ICCE Institute at Washington University School of Medicine.