Course director

Erika Crouch, MD, PhD
Phone: 314-454-8462


The department provides a year-long pathology course that constitutes a major part of the second year medical school curriculum. The course is currently directed by Erika Crouch, MD, PhD but involves most senior faculty and many junior faculty.

The course surveys the biology of human disease with an overview of concepts central to our modern understanding of disease pathogenesis and pathologic diagnosis. Block 1, General Pathology, examines cell injury and repair, inflammatory and immune regulation and neoplastic transformation. This knowlegebase is then applied in the context of three paradigms of surgical pathology: Colon carcinoma, breast carcinoma and prostate carcinoma.

In subsequent sections, the characteristics of the major disease entities affecting the various organ systems of the human body are discussed in lectures, gross laboratories and clinical case studies. These are supplemented with a variety of online resources useful for self-study or self-assessment.

Throughout the course, emphasis is placed on structure-function correlations, the structural correlates of clinical signs and symptoms, as well as the acquisition of key terminology and concepts necessary to efficiently organize information assimilated during the student’s subsequent clinical and/or research training.