The Office’s educational programs are guided by the Educational Leadership Steering Committee (ELSC). The ELSC is constituted by the residency program and physician scientist training program directors; selected faculty members involved with administering the department’s clinical fellowships and medical school curriculum, and at least three departmental representatives of the WUSM Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences. Individual members may serve more than one role. The ELSC is advised by selected trainees, departmental and hospital administrators, program coordinators, and support staff.

Neil Anderson, MD
Residency Program Director

Erika Crouch, MD, PhD
WUSM Pathology Course Director
Gateway Build and Designer Teams

Gautam Dantas, PhD
Graduate Program Co-Director
Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences

Brian Edelson, MD, PhD
WUSM Immunology Course Director
Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences

Ian Hagemann, MD, PhD
Sub-specialty Fellowship Program Director
Medical School Admissions

Julie Neidich, MD
Sub-specialty Fellowship Program Director

Jacqueline Payton, MD, PhD
Physician Scientist Training Program Director
Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences

Gwen Randolph, PhD
Graduate Program Director

Marianna Ruzinova, MD
Associate Residency Program Director