Office of Education    

Janet Braun
Ashley Edwards
Kim Green
Sue Pagano
Ann Winn

Assistant to Vice Chair of Education
Fellowship Program Administrator
Fellowship Program Administrator
Residency Program Administrator
PSTP Program Administrator

P&I Administration     

Carey-Ann Burnham, PhD
Ann Gronowski, PhD
Robert Schmidt, MD, PhD
Lisa Taylor

Vice Chair for Faculty Mentoring & Advancement
Vice Chair of Faculty Affairs and Development
Division Chief, Neuropathology
Director of Clinical Operations and Administration

Ad Hoc Advisors        

Brooj Abro, MD
Carina Dehner, MD, PhD
Laura Garvey
Michele Goad
Joanne Humphries
Michael H. Isaacs
Alexis Nugent
Rehan Rais, MD
Joan Rossi
Eric Schnable
Mei San Tang, MD

AP Co-Chief Resident
AP Co-Chief Resident
WU Pathologist Assistant Supervisor
Planning Manager for Strategic Initiatives and Outreach
Director of Research Admin. & Facilities Management
Director of Clinical Informatics and Business Development
Marketing and Communications Administrator
Chief Resident of Wellness and Engagement
BJH Director of Laboratory Services (Residency Program)
Director of Financial Administration
CP Chief Resident