Office of Education    

Janet Braun
Ashley Edwards
Jeannie Doerr
Kim Green
Sharon Aubuschon
Justavian Tillman

Assistant to Vice Chair of Education
Fellowship Program Administrator
Administrator Professional for Office of Education
Fellowship Program Administrator
Residency Program Administrator
Manager, Educational Programs

P&I Administration     

Robert Schmidt, MD, PhD
Eric Schnable
Mark Watson, MD, PhD

Division Chief, Neuropathology
Co-Executive Director for Business Affairs
Vice Chair, Faculty Development

Ad Hoc Advisors        

Mary Anthes-Bartlow
Michele Goad
Joanne Humphries
Michael H. Isaacs
Nicolas Kostelecky, MBBCh
Liang Lu, MD, PhD
Lily Mahapatra, MD, PhD
Ryan Sappenfield, MD

WU Pathologist Assistant Supervisor
Planning Manager for Strategic Initiatives and Outreach
Director of Research Admin. & Facilities Management
Director of Clinical Informatics and Business Development
Chief Resident, AP
Co-Chief Resident, AP/CP
Chief Resident, Residency Engagement & Wellness
Co-Chief Resident, AP/CP