Liver/GI Pathology Fellowship

The Liver and Gastrointestinal Pathology Fellowship at Washington University School of Medicine is a one year program aimed at focusing on and training individuals for academic practice.


The Liver/GI Fellowship program began at Washington University School of Medicine in July 2010 with Dr. Elizabeth Brunt as its program director. To date there have been five fellows with a sixth fellow scheduled to graduate in June 2016.


This is a heavily clinically-oriented program with the last 6 months aimed at building in research time. The fellowship is designed to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the presence of strong clinical programs in Hepatology, GI, Liver Surgery and Transplant, Colorectal and Hepatobiliary/Pancreatic Surgery Sections at Washington University. Fellows will be allowed to participate in patient clinics in Hepatology and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, as well as the monthly to weekly interdisciplinary conferences shared amongst our Departments. Additional GI research conferences can be attended for further expansion of the Fellow’s knowledge base in the field. By the end of this year, the fellow should be comfortable with the evaluation, clinical correlations and future research questions pertaining to a wide variety of specimens related to Liver and Gastrointestinal Diseases.

Clinical material

The large referral, quaternary care hospital system associated with Washington University School of Medicine includes Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital. These provide the clinical material for the program. Additionally, the “outside” referral biopsies for Liver and GI are included. Within Anatomic and Molecular Pathology at Washington University, the L/GI and Pediatric Pathology Sections, and the material from Barnes West County are currently separate, but the L/GI Fellow has an opportunity to avail themselves of pertinent material from any of these. There are over 7500 specimens and 1000 FS specimens for the adult and pediatric L/GI services.

Other features

The Liver/GI Fellow will also gain experience by participation in rotations covering frozen sections, oversight and specimen handling of the large Gross Room, and the “Hot Seat”. Through these services, the Fellow will work with the diagnostic general surgical pathologists of Anatomic and Molecular Pathology who have a broad range of expertise to allow the Fellow to continue to build their general pathology clinical acumen, grossing skills and rapid diagnostic abilities from the large variety of surgical pathology material. Specifically oriented for the Liver/GI Fellow will be the referred Liver and GI biopsies, participation in the in-house L/GI sign-outs, participation in Liver Transplant coverage and participation in the weekly and monthly clinico-pathologic conferences involving Hepatology, GI, Hepatobiliary Surgery, Colorectal Surgery and Hepatic Imaging. There are 2 faculty members dedicated to L/GI sign-out for adult material, and 3 for pediatric material.

Participation in the weekly and monthly clinico-pathologic conferences involving Hepatology, GI, Hepatobiliary Surgery, Colorectal Surgery and Hepatic Imaging are expected.

The Liver/GI Fellow will spend 2 weeks rotating through clinical services of their choice; possibilities include liver surgery and/or transplant, GI surgery, HPB surgery, IBD clinic and/or surgery, advanced endoscopic procedures, etc.

If possible, up to 16 weeks are open for the L/GI Fellow for clinical research in a liver or GI-related area. This time is dependent on the interests of the Fellow, as well as availability within the training program.


Training for the fellowship occurs in the state of the art facilities of Washington University School of Medicine/Barnes Jewish Hospital/St. Louis Children’s Hospital.  The Liver/GI section is located in the 680,000 square-foot BJC Institute of Health (BJCIH) at Washington University School of Medicine which is an 11-story research building housing laboratories and support facilities and is Washington University’s largest building.


Applicants must be Board eligible or certified in anatomic and/or clinical pathology.

The application period for 2019-2020 begins on July 1, 2017 (2 years prior to the start date for the fellowship) with a deadline of October 13, 2017.

The following information should be sent by email as pdf documents to Sue Pagano, Fellowship Coordinator at

  1. Completed Fellowship Application
  2. Statement of interest and goals
  3. CV
  4. Statement of ability to be licensed in Missouri
  5. Three reference letters

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