Friederike Kreisel, MD

Professor, Pathology & Immunology

Additional Titles

  • Medical Director, Flow Cytometry at Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Clinical Interests

  • Autopsy
  • Hematopathology

Research Interests

Over the past few years I have directed my research focus towards immunophenotyping and genetic profiling of B-cell lymphomas. Several of my projects relate to morphologic and immunophenotypic characterization of immunodeficiency-associated B-cell lymphoproliferative disorders as well as genetic alterations in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma that predict response to immuno-chemotherapy.

Editorial Responsibilities

2007 – Present Reviewer American Journal of Hematology
2004 – Present Reviewer Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Service to the Department

2009 – Present Hematopathology Educational Committee, Department of Pathology and Immunology
2007 – Present Medical Director, Clinical Flow Cytometry, Barnes-Jewish Hospital
2007 – 2008 Member, Resident Selection Committee, Department of Pathology and Immunology
2003 – Present Attending Physician, Hematopathology, Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Service to the University

2010 – Present Member, University Scholars Program Medical School Committee, Washington University
2008 – Present Section Leader, Hematopathology, 2nd Year Medical School Pathology Course
2008 – Present Member, Committee on Admissions, Washington University Medical School
2005 – 2007 Lecturer, 2nd Year Medical School Pathology Course, Hematopathology


Pub Med Search

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