The goal of the P&I OFD is to create a thriving and diverse department with professionally happy and healthy faculty who are productive, well recognized, and respected within the Washington University School of Medicine and within Academic Pathology & Immunology worldwide.  Our core values are Excellence, Respect, Inclusion, and Diversity. 

Officers work with OFD to support the goals and core values of the office. Officers will have a 1 year appointment, with the possibility of renewal.  Officers will work on a specific programming initiative or content area (see below) and will enhance representation and diversity of the OFD across the divisions and career pathways of the department. 

The OFD and all of the officers will meet monthly.  Individual officers may meet with the OFD Vice-Chairs more frequently as needed.  The officer will provide input to OFD in their area and will also participate in OFD programing or events that relate to the area of the officer. 

Faculty at all ranks and in all tracks are eligible to serve as OFD officers.  This is an excellent opportunity for leadership experience and to get involved in the Department.  If you are interested in serving in one of these positions, please notify Carey-Ann Burnham.

OFD Officer Candidates
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