Ensuring a Successful Mentoring Experience

OFD is here to assist you with the forming of a supportive community-based mentoring committee to provide you clear, objective advice and facilitate networking and faculty development opportunities to build a successful academic career.

The Guidelines for Junior Faculty Mentoring Program were developed to ensure a program that provides the structure to keep your committee active and moving forward through your progression in academic rank.

Documentation and communication between you, your Division Chief and the OFD is essential to the success of your program. Below is a quick summary of documentation and a tool to submit needed documentation. If you have questions, please contact Janet Braun at janetbraun@wustl.edu .

Tracking your success

  • Pre – Meeting
    The Meeting Discussion Guide should be completed by mentee and submitted to OFD using the submission form below. The mentee is responsible for sending this completed guide and WUSM CV to committee members one week prior to the meeting.
  • During Meeting
    Mentoring Agreement Form (Optional)
  • Post – Meeting
    The meeting Summary Form should be completed by committee chair. It can be submitted to OFD by the chair or mentee using the submission form below.
  • WUSM CV Resources
    WUSM CV Format
    WU Profile System (WUPS)

Submission Forms

Before Your Meeting

  • Submit pre-meeting materials using this form
OFD Pre-Mentoring Meeting
Meeting Discussion Guide and WUSM CV *
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB

After Your Meeting

  • Submit post-meeting materials using this form
OFD Post Mentoring Meeting
Upload Post Meeting Summary & Agreement Form if used *
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB

Mentee Resources

  • Faculty Profiles
    Our faculty members are recognized nationally and internationally as leaders in their fields – and as dedicated collaborators. Their work ranges from molecular to global and from biological to social; it requires a commitment to collaboration across disciplines, institutions and nations. Search this portal by name, research unit, concept or keyword to discover researchers, browse their publications, find collaborators and visualize connections among researchers.
  • DBBS Mentee-Mentor Resources
    Conflict Management Resource Policy
    Ombuds web-site
    Mentor-Mentee Compact and Expectations Form