Immunobiology – Locations

The Division of Immunobiology at Washington University is housed in two locations.

Clinical Sciences Research Building

The Division of Immunobiology occupies laboratory space on the 7th and 8th floors. The main CSRB building was constructed in the mid-1980’s while the North Tower Addition was constructed in the late 1990’s. Laboratories in the CSRB include: Virgin, Murphy, Fremont, Bhattacharya, and Egawa. The structural biology core is located on the 7th floor.

The BJC Institute of Health

This building was completed in early 2010. Immunobiology occupies laboratory space on the 8th floor. Laboratories in the BJCIH include: Randolph, Colonna, Vig, Schreiber, Allen, Klechevsky, Unanue, Aryomov, Choi and Edelson. The flow cytometry, metabolic, and micro-injection core facilities are also located on the 8th floor, as is the department’s two-photon microscope.