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Michael J Barratt, PhD

Assistant Professor, Pathology and Immunology


Additional Titles

  • Program Director, Breast Milk, gut Microbiome, and Immunity (BMMI) Project
  • Executive Director, Center for Gut Microbiome and Nutrition Research

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  • BA (Hons): Exeter College, Oxford University, UK (1990)
  • MA: Exeter College, Oxford University, UK (1992)
  • PhD: Kings College London, UK (1994)


  • Tadion-Rideal Prize for Molecular Science, Kings College London UK
  • BDH Prize for Biochemistry, Oxford University
  • Quarrel Read Prize, Oxford University

Research Interests

Michael Barratt is Executive Director of the Center for Gut Microbiome and Nutrition Research at Washington University in St. Louis, and a member the laboratory of Jeffrey Gordon where he serves as Program Director of the Breast Milk Gut Microbiome and Immunity (BMMI) Project. He is currently working with investigators at the International Center for Diarrheal Disease Research in Bangladesh (icddr,b) to test the effectiveness of microbiota-directed foods in repairing gut microbiota immaturity in malnourished children. He brings to this role a background in pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare R&D, having spent 17 years in a variety of scientific leadership roles in preclinical and early clinical research and development spanning multiple areas including dermatology, cardiovascular disease, neuroscience, anti-bacterials and inflammation/immunology. Among other positions, he was Head of Molecular Pharmacology for Pfizer R&D at Ann Arbor, MI and a member of the Research and Biology Leadership teams. He has led a variety of Discovery Projects and contributed to bringing more than 15 drug candidates into clinical development. Prior to joining the Gordon Lab, he served as External Alliance Lead for Pfizer’s Global Indications Discovery Unit, a group focused on establishing collaborations to identify new uses for shelved compounds and existing drugs. He is also co-editor of the first book to be written on drug repositioning.

Editorial Responsibilities

2014-2015 Editor Drug Repurposing, Rescue and Repositioning



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Barratt M.J. & Frail D. (2012). Editors. Drug Repositioning: Bringing New Life to Shelved Assets & Existing Drugs. John Wiley & Sons Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey.
Barratt, M.J., Frail, D. (2012). Opportunities and challenges associated with developing additional indications for clinical development candidates and marketed drugs. In Barratt, M.J. & Frail D. (Eds.), Drug Repositioning Bringing New Life to Shelved Assets & Existing Drugs. (pp. 33-51). John Wiley & Sons Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey.

Stephanie Amen

Lab phone: 314-747-6010
Office Location: 4515 McKinley Ave, Room 4213