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LGM Case Conference

West Building, 3rd floor Pathology Library
660 S Eudlid Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110

2016-2017 Speaker Schedule (click to view)

8/15/17 Molecular: Zhang, R Microbiology: Yang
8/22/17 Hematology: Hunter Molecular: Franks
8/29/17 Molecular: Kwong Microbiology: Bailey
9/5/17 Chemistry: Zhang, L Microbiology: Lainhart
9/12/17 Chemistry: Gau Hematology: Petrone
9/19/17 Transfusion: Brestoff Molecular: Lang
9/26/17 Chemistry: Tesfazghi Microbiology: Raman
10/3/17 Gregory Day, M.D.
10/10/17 Transfusion: Zaydman Molecular: Patel
10/17/17 Chemistry: Webber
10/24/17 Neil Anderson, M.D. Phil Tarr, M.D.
10/31/17 Latisha Love-Gregory, Ph.D. Molecular: Mann
11/14/17 Hematology: Patel Transfusion: Tarbunova
11/28/17 Chemistry: Bailey Microbiology: Bibbey
12/5/17 Chemistry: Petrone Molecular: Webber
12/12/17 Molecular: McNett Molecular: Raman
12/19/17 Hematology: Yang Microbiology: Lang
1/9/18 Transfusion: Gau Transfusion: Zhang, R
1/16/18 Molecular: Parikh Molecular: Szymanski
1/23/18 Microbiology: Lainhart Microbiology: Jean
1/30/18 Chemistry: Tesfazghi Chemistry: Farnsworth
2/6/18 Mitch Scott, PhD Mitch Scott, PhD
2/13/18 Hematology: Bailey Molecular: Szymanski
2/27/18 Microbiology: Kudose Chemistry: Lang
3/6/18 Molecular: Olsen Microbiology: Franks
3/13/18 Molecular: Hill Microbiology: Gau
3/27/18 Chemistry: Raman Hematology: Webber
4/3/18 Transfusion: Petrone Transfusion: Patel
4/10/18 Molecular: Parikh Molecular: Mann
4/17/18 Chemistry: Farnsworth Microbiology: Jean
5/1/18 Hematology: Gau Transfusion: Tarbunova
5/8/18 ACLPS mock
5/15/18 ACLPS mock
5/22/18 ACLPS mock
6/5/18 Microbiology: Webber Molecular: Bailey
6/12/18 Microbiology: Petrone Chemistry: Patel
6/19/18 Transfusion: Lang
6/26/18 Transfusion: Raman