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We are poised on the threshold of a new era in medicine in which whole-genome sequencing will be a clinical reality. Our lab's goal is to leverage this revolution in sequencing technology to predict and prevent disease. Up to now, our approach has been to elucidate the architecture of the transcriptional networks of the retina with a particular focus on photoreceptors. We utilize this knowledge to build new technologies for mapping genotype onto phenotype and to devise cellular reprogramming strategies and optogenetic approaches to treat blindness. These translational approaches are complemented by other studies in the lab that focus on the basic biology of photoreceptors. Our research is strongly interdisciplinary and collaborative, with current projects that lie at the intersection of photoreceptor biology with chemistry and physics. By combining both basic and translational strategies, our lab aims to achieve a systems-level understanding of the development, diseases, function, and evolution of photoreceptors, and to extend this approach to other organ systems.

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