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Associate Professor, Pathology and Immunology
Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Section Head, Pediatric Pathology
Medical Director at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital
Room 300S, Peters Building
Office: (314) 362-0147
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Dr. White’s research interests in pediatric pathology are focused on medical liver and lung disease. She also has a strong interest in gastrointerstinal diseases including Hirschsprung disease. She is a member of the Biliary Atresia Research Consortium, Cholestatic Liver Disease Consortium and the Children’s Interstitial Lung Disease Network.

Service to the Department

PresentHead of Perinatal and Pediatric Autopsy Service Barnes Hospital and St. Louis Childrens Hospital

Diagnostic Expertise

Dr. White's clinical interests and diagnostic expertise are in pediatric neoplastic and non-neoplastic disease. She heads the Pediatric Autopsy Service and the Electron Microscopy Laboratory and is involved in perinatal autopsies and pediatric surgical

Clinical Interest

Anatomic and Molecular Pathology - Electron Microscopy
Anatomic and Molecular Pathology - Autopsy Pathology
Anatomic and Molecular Pathology - Pediatric Pathology

Selected Publications

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