Faculty > Andrey Shaw, MD

Emil R. Unanue Professor, Immunobiology in Pathology and Immunology
Head, Division of Immunobiology
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Office Suite B - 8210, BJCIH Building
Office: (314) 362-4614
Lab: (314) 362-4609


The major focus of our laboratory for the last decade has been in the field of signal transduction. Our research focuses in three general areas: 1) T cell receptor signaling and the Immunological Synapse, 2) the role CD2AP in glomerular disease and function and 3) the role of MAP kinases in T cell and NK signaling. Please visit the lab web site for more details.

Editorial Responsibilities

2003 - 2008EditorMolecular and Cellular Biology

Service to the University

1998 - PresentImmunology Program Steering Committee
1997 - 2000Coursemaster, Ethics and Research, Bio 5011
1996 - PresentCurriculum Committee, Washington University Medical School
1996 - PresentCoursemaster, Medical Immunology, Bio 5171

DBBS Graduate Program Affiliation

Immunology Program
Molecular Cell Biology Program
Biochemistry Program