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Professor, Pathology and Immunology
Professor, Genetics
Room 8849A, CSRB
Office: (314) 362-3958
Lab: (314) 362-2869
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Research in my lab focuses on the development and function of CD8 T lymphocytes, which provide a major host defense against intracellular pathogens and tumors. Major histocompatibility complex class I molecules (MHCI) bind intracellular peptides derived from self or foreign proteins (viral or tumor) and display peptide/MHCI complexes on the cell surface for recognition by CD8 T cells. To create a more immunogenic peptide/MHCI complex that is also resistant to immune evasion mechanisms we have developed a strategy to express MHCI molecules as single chain trimers (SCT) consisting of antigenic peptide, B2m, and heavy chain covalently attached with flexible linkers. These SCT are potent simulators of peptide-specific cytotoxic CD8 T cells and antibodies specific for peptide/MHCI. We are currently testing these SCT for their potential as DNA vaccines against viruses and tumors.

We are also interested in how CD8 T cells react with exquisite specificity against foreign antigens while maintaining tolerance to self. Therefore, we have also engineered transgenic mice that express a single SCT complex to the exclusion of all other MHCI molecules. We are using these mice to define how the development of CD8 T cells is influenced by the expression of a single peptide/MHCI complex. We will determine how selection on a single peptide/MHCI complex influences the size and diversity of the CD8 T cell repertoire. We will also establish the relationship between the selecting and cognate peptides and determine the impact of structural similarity of the peptides on the development and function of the CD8 T cell repertoire.

Editorial Responsibilities

1998 - 2002Section EditorJournal of Immunology
1994 - 1998Associate EditorJournal of Immunology

Service to the University

2003 - PresentW. M. Keck Postdoctoral Fellowship Committee
1997 - PresentGraduate Admissions Committee, Immunology Program
1997 - 2001Disclosure Review Committee

DBBS Graduate Program Affiliation

Immunology Program
Molecular Genetics Program

Selected Publications

Wang B, Primeau TM, Myers N, Rohrs HW, Gross ML, Lybarger L, HansenTH, Connolly JM. A single peptide-MHC complex positively selects a diverse and specific CD8 T cell repertoire. Science 326:871-874, 2009 Abstract
Science Abstract
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Truscott SM, Lybarger L, Martinko JM, Mitaksov VE, Kranz DM, Connolly JM, Fremont DH, Hansen TH.. Disulfide bond engineering to trap peptides in the MHC class I binding groove.. J Immunol 178:6280-6289, 2007 Abstract

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Connolly JM, Potter TA, Wormstall EM, Hansen TH.. The Lyt-2 molecule recognizes residues in the class I a3 domain in allogeneic cytotoxic T-cell responses.. J Exp Med 168:325-341, 1988 Abstract

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