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Associate Professor, Pathology and Immunology
2124 Steinberg Bldg.
Office: 747-5773


My main interest as a pathologist and biorepository manager is providing scientific support as the interface between the bank and its users, and enhancing the scientific value and impact of the bank to the broadest possible user community. The potential roles for pathology input and histologic review in biorepository management include the relative assessment of biomarkers in normal tissue and disease, correlation of protein or target expression with demographic factors or treatment history, and the study of disease etiology. Some of my general interests related to biobanking include:

- Quality assurance, and the use of informatics and business process flow diagrams to enhance the utility of biobanking;
- The use of biospecimens to study the appropriateness/translatability of animal models of disease (translational pathology);
- The use of biospecimens to study the relationship between patientsí genetic background and response to drug therapy (pharmacogenomics);
- The identification of targets or biomarkers that play a causal role in tumorsí ability to metastasize.
- The identification of biomarkers (protein or genetic) that enable enhanced prognostic judgments to be made for pathologic lesions that currently are not well understood, or for which the prognosis cannot be accurately predicted on histologic grounds alone.